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R&D Service

1) If you can furnish a sketch 2D illustration, we have the capability and expertise to turn it into a concrete product;

2) If you can provide us with a picture of the model you like, we are also well capable of converting that into a concrete product;

3) If you have your own designers who produce 3D drawings, that'd be even better and easier for us to finish the end product.

In addition, our R&D process is outlined as follows:

1Clay sculpturing prototype
2Customer confirmation
3Scan&3D drawing creation
4Customer confirmation
5CNC master & mold manufacture
6Mold testing
7Test sample
8Customer feedback

Before the completion of each step, we will need to confirm with you whether the particular step is correctly taken. In this way, we literally ensure that you participate in the whole R&D process all the way through. Besides, as the product will be jointly developed by both of us, possibility of errors will be greatly reduced, not to mention time and cost saved.