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Suzhou Maifan Technology Co., Ltd.

We understand that sometimes you may have good ideas of new products, however, you are not able to complete the design by yourselves. Tampine would be a good partner to work with you in ODM projects. We have a team of engineers who are able to design the products according to your idea and requirements. Furthermore, we will make the prototype according to your approved design to test and to verify its function. As long as customers pay for all the developing cost, they will have the ownership of the product.

We have worked with customers and successfully designed carbon fiber surfboard in the past two years. There are more ODM projects like carbon fiber water wing and carbon front lip are proceeding.

There's no problem for us to sign NDA if terms are fair to both parties. We always keep projects confidential and select our subcontractors carefully. We will do our best to protect your idea and your intellectual property.