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Carbon fiber military airdrop box

Material: carbon fiber

Purpose: Transportation of weapons and equipment,medicine,etc

Suzhou Maifan Technology Co., Ltd. can develop all kinds of portable, lightweight supply boxes, combat readiness boxes, tool boxes, airdrop boxes, financial boxes, equipment boxes and so on for military units.

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Product background

With the increasingly high requirements for packaging products in the process of transportation and storage of military products, traditional wooden boxes, iron boxes, roll plastic boxes and other packaging products have such factors as heavy weight, poor mobility, inconvenient loading and unloading, and no environmental protection, which can not meet the requirements of existing military products for packaging carriers. Therefore, carbon fiber materials with light weight and high strength are gradually developed and applied in the field of military box.

Features of military airdrop box:

1. Adopt thermoplastic carbon fiber material, product molding, fast time, corrosion resistance, high strength, low density, impact resistance, environmental protection material;

2. The sealing strip of the box is made of special rubber, which is strong and durable, has superior oxidation resistance, good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, as well as ozone and erosion resistance;

3. The box hardware is made of stainless steel as standard, which will not rust.

Color army green and black, size can be customized. It is applicable to the turnover and transportation of medical instruments, photographic equipment, small equipment, maintenance tools, emergency materials, large equipment, military materials, etc.


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